Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Bind (spell)

Range: 40 ft.
Duration: 2 rounds per level
Area of Effect: 1 creature per level
Casting Time: 1 round
Saving Throw: negates
Level: mage (2nd)

Animates the clothes and equipment worn by creatures so that they will twist, constrict and wrap themselves tightly around the recipient's body.  Working animals will be affected by their harnesses or belly belts.  Within a round, creatures that fail to make their saving throw will be bound and tied, and therefore subject to an attack as helpless defenders.  However, once the initial attack has been made, and damage sustained, the spell will be broken so that the defender will no longer be helpless.

Creatures with unusual strength, such as giants, receive a bonus to their saving throws equal to their "to hit" bonus (a hill giant with a 19 strength would receive a bonus of +3).  Creatures also receive a +1 bonus per 500 lbs. of weight they possess (this would be in addition to their strength).  Finally, creatures with claws, such as griffons or hippogriffs, will destroy their harnesses before being bound by them (but this will unseat riders and delay any further use of these creatures as mounts).

Creatures that have no accouterments or carry no equipment will not be affected by the spell.

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