Friday, September 21, 2018

Mount (spell)

Range: 10 ft.
Duration: 4 hours + 2 hours per level; see below
Area of Effect: 1 mount
Casting Time: 1 round
Saving Throw: none
Level: mage (1st)

Conjures a creature that will serve any rider as a mount.  Though magical in substance, the conjured animal will appear in all ways to be completely natural and real; only a spell will reveal its true nature.  The animal can be destroyed by hit point damage; it will have the maximum number of hit points for a creature of its species.  The conjured mount is unable to attack in any manner.

The mount will serve any rider willingly and well.  Provided the rider wishes to use the mount solely as a conveyance from one place to another, no special sage abilities or skills are required.  If the rider intends to use the mount in combat, however, actual skill in riding and managing a like mount is a necessity.  No riding gear is necessary for either purpose.

The table gives the form of the animal that may be called forth by the caster that has reached that level or greater.  Any potential mount may be called, though water creatures may only be called when the caster is actually hip deep in water, while land creatures cannot be conjured in a watery environment.  The caster may choose the species of dragon that is called, though it must be brass, bronze, copper, silver or gold.

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