Saturday, September 22, 2018

Tenser's Floating Disc (spell)

Range: 20 ft. +5 ft. per level
Duration: 2 hours +1 hour per level
Area of Effect: 200 lbs. per level
Casting Time: 1 round
Saving Throw: none
Level: mage (1st)

Creates a circular, concave disc upon which items may be carried.  The disc is visible, 3 feet in diameter and of a color determined by the caster.   As the weight limitation of the spell expands, the disc will not change in size, but will continue to carry as much as before.  The disc will trick the eye, so that even as more and more is piled upon the disc, it will never make a pile higher than two feet deep - with any item specifically looked for proving to be plainly visible.  In effect, the disc acts somewhat like a bag of holding.

The disc will rest on the ground, float up to 3 feet above it, and move along at a speed no more than 3 combat hexes per round.  The disc can be used to carry wounded persons or animals.  The disc will shift to protect its load, so attacks against the disc or anything it carries are done at -4 to hit.  A combatant kneeling on the disc can hurl or fire missile weapons; but the disc is too wobbly to fight from hand-to-hand, and anyone attempting to do so will immediately fall off the disk and suffer 0-2 damage from the attempt.

The disc must have a flat surface upon which to move.  If moved over a vertical drop, the disc will tumble its contents, then disappear.  A similar effect will happen if the caster moves beyond the spell range, whereupon the disc will dispel.

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