Saturday, October 6, 2018

Material (spell)

Range: 20 ft.
Duration: permanent
Area of Effect: 5 cub.ft. per level
Casting Time: 3 rounds
Saving Throw: none
Level: mage (2nd)

Creates common natural materials, such as earth, stone or wood, so that the material is permanently brought into existence.  The material will appear as loose material in a pile, or as blocks up to one cubic foot in size.  No single bit of material longer than 12 inches can be created.  Cubic blocks can be conjured as stacks or as walls.

Organic materials will not contain more than 5% water, and nothing alive can be created, such as sprouts or seeds.  However, materials such as dried dung, straw, hard or soft woods, hay and such are possible.

The spell will not create materials that are unusual or rare in origin.  As a rule of thumb, any material that, as a world average, costs more than 5 c.p. per cubic foot cannot be created, such as rare earths, valuable woods, gems or similar examples.  Additionally, materials that have been processed, such as mortar, fired clay, bricks, dyed materials or puddled metals cannot be created.

The spell is useful for creating various useful materials, such as feed for animals, firewood, sand or gravel for traction, earth to fill a cavity, blocks to close a passageway or provide cover, stones for throwing and so on, though none of these things once created will be anything but ordinary examples of the material created.

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