Sunday, October 14, 2018

Stinking Cloud (spell)

Range: 30 ft.
Duration: 1 round per level
Area of Effect: 10 ft. high cloud with a 4 hex radius
Casting Time: 1 round
Saving Throw: reduces effect; see below
Level: mage (2nd)

Creates a cloud of noxious vapor, which billows outward from its place of origin (within 30 ft. of the caster) and spreads outward 10 ft. in all directions, upwards as well as outwards.  The cloud is greenish in color but is no more than a thin fog in substance; line of sight or vision is not disrupted.

Any creature (including friendly creatures) in a combat hex that is touched by the cloud will get a whiff of its bad air, and must make a save vs. poison.  Those that fail will immediately begin to choke and be rendered unable to make combat attacks.  They may still defend themselves, but as they will be coughing and occasionally vomiting due to the nausea, their armor class is penalized by 4 points.  This effect will last from 2-5 rounds, rolled separately for each individual.

All those touched by the cloud, including those who make their saving throws, will be forced to retreat out of the cloud before they can take action.

The stink of the cloud will be perceived by creatures up to 120 feet away, regardless of line of sight.  Another mage will instantly recognize the smell for what it is.  Others will be warned that something is greatly amiss; it is probable they might guess it for a giant skunk and take steps to investigate.  They would not dismiss the smell as arising from an ordinary skunk or other source.

Shatter (spell)

Range: 60 ft.
Duration: permanent
Area of Effect: 1 object; see below
Casting Time: 1 round
Saving Throw: none; see below
Level: mage (2nd)

Creates a vibration inside an object so that it will shatter itself into dozens of shards and pieces that cannot effectively be restored by the spell mending or by cantrips.  The spell may be employed against any hard object: wood, pottery, glass, metal, mineral and the like.  Stone will be pulverized and most other materials will be splintered.  Leather, cloth and other soft materials cannot be affected by the spell.

Creatures immediately adjacent to the shattered object, effectively inside the combat hex where the object exists, will suffer 1-4 damage from the effect.  If the shattered object is held at the point of being shattered, the holder will suffer 2-7 damage.

The caster may affect up to 100 lbs. of weight per level, and may affect parts of composite mechanisms, such as the wheel of a wagon, a pillar supporting a trebuchet, a mounted door in a wall and so on.

Magical items are entitled to a saving throw against the shatter cantrip, using the saving throw against items table and counting the effects of the spell as a "normal blow."  Even at that, a fail means only that one facet of the magic item is broken (the most valuable in the eyes of the DM), or that the item's bonus would be reduced by 1 point: a +3 sword would be reduced to +2.  Wands are especially resilient against the spell, losing only 1 charge per failure to make save.

Scare (spell)

Range: 40 ft.
Duration: 2 rounds
Area of Effect: 1 creature per level
Casting Time: 1 action point
Saving Throw: negates
Level: mage (2nd)

Scares the wits out of creatures upon a moment's notice, so that they will "jump out of their skins" and cease whatever they're doing, jumping back 5 ft. in sharp terror.  Any objects that are held will be dropped at once; victims will be freed or abandoned immediately; and the affected creatures will feel their heart rate so sharply that for the second round of the spell's effect, they will feel the need to get a hold of themselves before taking a new action.

Creatures that make their saving throws will not be scared, but they will be upset enough that their first attack after their save will be made at -2 to hit.

While scared for two rounds, creatures that are attacked will be able to defend themselves (armor class is not affected), but they will retreat their full normal pace at their next opportunity.  The spell effectively ends after the enemies' second round of action.

Friday, October 12, 2018

Ray of Enfeeblement (spell)

Range: 10 ft. +5 ft. per level
Duration: 1 round per level
Area of Effect: 1 creature per level
Casting Time: 1 round
Saving Throw: negates
Level: mage (2nd)

Weakens an opponent by striking them with a magic ray, emerging from the caster's hands or eyes.  If the struck creatures fail to make saving throw, their strength will be sapped at once, causing 1 round of dazed weakness equivalent to the creature being stunned.

The strength lost will equal 2-5 points, +1 additional point per 2 levels of the caster above 3rd.  This would mean that a 5th level caster's ray would reduce strength by 3-6 points, a 7th level caster by 4-7 points, a 9th level caster by 5-8 points and so on.  The ray of enfeeblement is particularly effective on creatures with great strength, such as giants and warrior races.

When employed against creatures that crush or squeeze their opponents, whose exact strength is unknown, such as apesboa constrictors, couatl and the like, the ray will lower the damage done by these attacks by 1 point per strength lost.

Creatures can be drained until they are at zero strength but no more.  Creatures so affected cannot move or act, and have not even the strength to speak.  They must wait until the effects of the spell pass before regaining their strength.

Strength that is lost is regained at a rate of 1 point per round after the ray's effect has passed. Therefore, if a 3rd level caster were to affect a hill giant with a 19 strength, reducing that strength by 4, the giant's strength would be 15 for a total of 3 rounds (while the spell was in effect).  It would then take four rounds before the giant's strength would return to normal.

The ray of enfeeblement ignores percentile strength.  Those with an 18/percentile strength are considered to have a strength of 18 ... and when regaining their 18 strength, the percentile is assumed to have been regained also.

Protection from Cantrips (spell)

Range: touch
Duration: 1 day
Area of Effect: 1 creature or object per level
Casting Time: 1 round
Saving Throw: none
Level: mage (2nd)

Protects recipients or chosen objects from any effect resulting from a cantrip, regardless of the type or the level of the caster.  This includes biting or stinging creatures created by cantrips, or cantrips that might affect the possessions of the recipient but not the recipient personally, such as palm.

The spell does not preclude the use of objects created by cantrips such as thingamagig or pottery that the recipient chooses to employ.  It will stop any positive cantrips being cast directly on the recipient, however.

The caster will have no knowledge if the recipient is protected against cantrips and may therefore waste time by using such magic.

Saturday, October 6, 2018

Preserve (spell)

Range: touch
Duration: one month
Area of Effect: 1 cub.ft. per level
Casting Time: 1 rounds
Saving Throw: none
Level: mage (2nd)

Enables the caster to affect organic materials of every kind so as to remain selectively fresh and whole for the spell duration, as though just harvested, cooked or baked.  Further, the affected matter will retain the temperature it possessed at the moment of casting: thus coffee or tea will remain hot, a cooked biscuit will continue to steam, a block of ice will remain frozen and so on.  Note that the heat released from an affected object cannot be used to chill or heat inert matter.  A plate sitting on top of a preserved cup of coffee would not be heated.

The heat or cold of the preserved matter will affect living senses, however.  A bowl of preserved soup would still warm and sustain a living body, a glass of cool water would still relieve a hot day and be pleasant to drink.  A pot of hot stew could be carried, as the pot would lose its heat once removed from the fire, while the affected stew would not.  Other circumstances may need ruling as they come up.

The spell can also be used to preserve a severed limb, or a body so as to extend the practical usefulness of the raise dead spell, or to preserve ingredients needed for laboratory use.

The spell will not preserve magically affected liquids or items, such as firewater or magic stones.

Material (spell)

Range: 20 ft.
Duration: permanent
Area of Effect: 5 cub.ft. per level
Casting Time: 3 rounds
Saving Throw: none
Level: mage (2nd)

Creates common natural materials, such as earth, stone or wood, so that the material is permanently brought into existence.  The material will appear as loose material in a pile, or as blocks up to one cubic foot in size.  No single bit of material longer than 12 inches can be created.  Cubic blocks can be conjured as stacks or as walls.

Organic materials will not contain more than 5% water, and nothing alive can be created, such as sprouts or seeds.  However, materials such as dried dung, straw, hard or soft woods, hay and such are possible.

The spell will not create materials that are unusual or rare in origin.  As a rule of thumb, any material that, as a world average, costs more than 5 c.p. per cubic foot cannot be created, such as rare earths, valuable woods, gems or similar examples.  Additionally, materials that have been processed, such as mortar, fired clay, bricks, dyed materials or puddled metals cannot be created.

The spell is useful for creating various useful materials, such as feed for animals, firewood, sand or gravel for traction, earth to fill a cavity, blocks to close a passageway or provide cover, stones for throwing and so on, though none of these things once created will be anything but ordinary examples of the material created.