Sunday, February 25, 2018

Illusionist Combat Abilities

With every level, illusionists roll a d4 to determine their hit points. At first level, characters are presumed to have rolled an ‘4’ on the die, starting with ‘full’ hit points. Illusionists also gain hit points for their body mass, which is rolled by the DM.

Illusionists may not wear any type of armor. They are permitted the use of a skull cap, which imparts no improvement of armor class, but will protect them against triple damage attacks against no helmet.

Illusionists begin with one weapon proficiency. A new weapon proficiency is gained for every six levels above 1st.

As illusionists have generally dedicated little or no time to the understanding of weapons, they are very limited in what weapons they are able to use. Following is a complete list of melee weapons which a illusionist may use:

For additional notes regarding these weapons, see the Weapons List.

For missile weapons, thrown (or hurled) ranges are given below:

Thus, if the illusionist is throwing a dart at an opponent that is 10 hexes away, the range would be considered medium - but if a dagger were thrown at the same distance, the range would be considered long. Remember that modifiers to hit are as follows:

point blank = add 1
short = no adjustment
medium = subtract 2
long = subtract 5

See Illusionist

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