Saturday, September 22, 2018

Endurance Running I (sage ability)

Enables the physical power necessary to run very long distances, provided the character has sufficient water to drink and is minimally encumbered - that is, the character is carrying little enough that they have the full potential movement, typically 5 action points (AP).

The speed that can be maintained is equal to a cost of ⅖ AP per combat hex.  This equals a distance of 8.52 miles per hour, which can be maintained for a period of up to 3 hours.

During this time, the runner will sweat considerably, double the amount normally lost in perspiration due to dehydration.  This water must be replaced no more than every ten minutes, continuously, either by water that is found or carried.

For example, a 150 lb. character running in warm weather is losing 0.9 lbs. of water every hour, or 13.8 fluid ounces (1.72 cups, or 431 ml).  This equals 2.3 fl. oz. per ten minutes, a little more than a quarter of a cup or 72 ml.  This is about 4 swallows of water (which ranges from 16 to 20 ml per swallow).  Running in this temperature is more or less feasible.

Of course, the runner can stop at any time and search for water.  If the amount of necessary hydration is not achieved, however, movement while running is reduced to normal running speed (½ cost per combat hex) for the following ten minutes.  After that, the runner must reduce their speed to a normal pace.  Once the necessary amount of water has been imbibed to replace all that has been lost since the run began, the character may begin running again, until the three-hour limit has been reached.

See Running (athletic ability)

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