Tuesday, March 27, 2018


Any sub-entity of a larger kingdom or state, or the entire kingdom or state if that region possesses no sub-entity.

For example, the Kingdom of Hungary is divided into 8 sub-entities: Burgenland, Croatia, Guns, Little Ruthenia, Nyatria, Ruthenia, Upper Hungary and the West Border. Alternately, the Colony of Archangel has no sub-entities; therefore, the whole Colony is considered to be one locus.

Sub-entities will be of very different sizes; the size, or number of hexes, has no effect on the definition of a locus.

Possessing knowledge of a locus (sage ability) would mean that the character had chosen which sub-entity the character wished to know very well.

If, for example, a character with knowledge of Geography chose the locus of Croatia, then that character would have specific and detailed knowledge of the geography of that specific locus.

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