Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Feeding the Poor (charity)

Feeding the poor is a means to gain access to unskilled labor while at the same time promoting good will in a community, primarily for the purpose of reducing the chance of a pogrom.

The total number of potential poor that can be so fed is a percentage of a 6-mile hex's inhabitants based upon the infrastructure (thus, a greater pool than the cleric's congregational locality).

Thus, if there were 4,000 total inhabitants within a hex group with a designation of IV, 200 of those would be poor. To benefit from feeding these, the character must provide half their sustenance. Because families are fed and not individuals (comprising both children and adults), a monthly average of 78 lbs. of food must be provided on average to each family (counted as an average of 6.25 mouths to feed).

For every family so fed, the feeder of the poor may rely upon 2 labourers giving a total of 30 days of donated labour, which must be performed kically (within the 6-mile hex where the family resides). For every 4 families fed (a total of 312 lbs.), thc chance of a pogrom occurring (based upon a cleric's congregational percentage) is reduced by 1%. In the example above, 200 persons would equal 32 families; if all were fed, the total chance of a pogrom would be reduced by 8%.

The food provided may be the cheapest available, so long as it conforms to the following: 6 lbs. of meat; 9 lbs. of fruit; 14 lbs. of vegetables; 46 lbs. of grains or tubers & 24 fl. oz. (counted as 3 lbs.) of beer, wine or spirits.

A cleric may pick and choose when to feed the poor - it need not be every month, or even the same number of persons every month. The chance for a pogrom and the provided labour will be gained whenever a month of food is provided for the requisite whole families.

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