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Ruthenia (principality)

Part of the Kingdom of Hungary, the mountainous Principality of Ruthenia is the kingdom's easternmost division. The northeastern border follows the crest of the Carpathian Mountains.

The principality has a total area of 14.7 hexes, with a density of 9,649 persons per hex. Most of these are concentrated along the southwestern plain. Ruthenia is bounded on the south by Principality of Transylvania (including Hortobagy) and the County of Little Ruthenia; on the west by the Principality of Upper Hungary; and on the north and east by the Kingdom of Poland (Galicia, Lwow & Halicz). It has a population of 141,846, making it the second most populous division after Nyatria.


The Ruthenian peoples began to settle in the lowlands below the Bieszczady and Skole mountains in the 11th century, primarily from the Podolian Hills west of Kiyev. This amounted to scarcely twenty thousand over a period of 150 years, but the number of settlers increase when Bela IV of Hungary (1235-1270) encouraged settlers into Ruthenia. Ruthenians were in turn followed by nearly 40,000 half-orcs, giving Ruthenia the largest half-orc population west of the Carpathians.

It has shared its history with that of Hungary since that time. Following the destruction of Hungary by the Turks, Ruthenia became a fortified state between Transylvania and Poland; as the former is within the Ottoman sphere, there are Polish troops guarding the southern frontier. A large Polish contingent is quartered at Huszth.



Goods produced in the Ruthenia Principality are traded in Koszyce. References for these are as follows:

See sheet map D 02 ~ Carpathians.


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