Thursday, April 19, 2018

Tauroblic Altar of Lugdenum (artifact)

An example of the ceremony; the actual appearance
of the true altar is unknown.
A lost artifact.

Built in the French city of Lyon, the Taurobolic Altar was used by the Romans for the practice of sacrificing bulls in order to restore health, remove or place curses, or in some cases grant wishes. When a full-grown bull was sacrificed upon the sacred altar in the name of Cybele, the High Priestess designated the “Great Mother,” who would stand beneath the Altar and be drenched in the ‘blood pit’ ... and thereafter would be granted the powers of Cybele for a period of time that would allow the Mother to declare her singular will.

Though the altar has been lost, and yet it is certainly located within the boundaries of the city of Lyon, though many have tried to find it to no avail.

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