Thursday, April 26, 2018

Near Hit (opportunity)

The following rule is suspended for game testing [placeholder].

An attack roll that equals 1 or 2 points less than the to-hit value required is said to be a near hit.

On a near hit, the target may decide to grapple (wrestle) with the attacker.

If one of the combatants is a warrior, he may choose to declare a grapple on an attack roll between -2 and +2 of the target to-hit value. The warrior chooses regardless if he's attacking or defending. If both combatants are warriors, the higher level character gets to choose; if tied, the option goes to the defender.

If one of the combatants is a monk, he may choose to declare a grapple on an attack roll equal to the to-hit value -2, or above. Monks trump warriors when deciding which combatant may declare a grapple. Resolve the choice between two monks as between two warriors.

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