Thursday, April 19, 2018

Theotokos of Kazan

A Holy Icon and artifact possessed by the Russian Orthodox Church, located in the city of Kazan in the Grand Duchy of Moskovy. It has no Earthly origin or manufacture, and was in fact found on July 8, 1579, in the underground of the city by a young girl, who learned of its location as told by the Virgin Mary in a vision. It is said that the Icon was revealed in order to preserve Mother Russia against all enemies, so that it should never be conquered again as it was by the Tatars.

Only an anachronistic image is available.
The Icon enables the invocation of the Virgin Mary, so that the Icon may be used to heal (as the clerical spell), up to 100 persons per day. Mere possession of the Icon provides +2 to hit, damage and morale checks to all within one mile of the artifact. It has been said by some that upon the invocation of the Icon that the Virgin Mary is visible to the purest of heart and the most innocent, particularly children, and that she can be spoken to and will answer with perfect augury. The Icon will cure blindness, deafness, disease and those born lame or suffering from a bodily disorder that has been possessed since birth.

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