Saturday, April 14, 2018

Demonic Possession

Similar to the 5th level magic spell, magic jar [placeholder], this describes the potential for a demon to assume control over the body and will of a creature, thereafter determining the actions of that body until such a time as the demon chooses to abandon the body or is forced out by clerical magic. Demonic possession does not, however, require the presence of a physical jar to accomplish this feat, as this is not a spell but a natural ability of the demon.

The potential host is entitled to a saving throw against magic to resist the possession; but it should be noted that demons very rarely choose the natural forms of robust or highly intelligent beings, as any body will do. It is more likely that a demon will take possession of a common creature, who may then begin to display an intelligence formerly unexpected of that individual; or a demon will take possession of an unhealthy or dying body, which will then quickly recuperate and become "well," though now under the control of a demon. The more difficult to achieve saving throw for persons in these states, with a low wisdom [placeholder]or will to resist, virtually guarantees the success of the demon to possess the creature. Depression and listlessness can also aid in possession, as in cases of acedia.

The spell penetrate disguise will reveal the presence of a demon within a possessed creature.

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