Monday, April 16, 2018

Upeksa (philosophy)

The sense of peace and well-being that is obtained from watching a bard perform, which provides a familiar and immensely satisfying experience. Upeksa is gained from watching a performance or through the obtaining of a fetish [placeholder], which causes the audience or single viewer to be affected. They are warmer in their hearts, they are a bit more interested in the world around them, they are more attentive. Our bard isn't the greatest of bards and the venue isn't the greatest of venues, but there has been a change.

The result it that for a period on one week after such an encounter, each person in attendance will gain a +1% experience bonus above that which they would normally gain. This gain is not cumulative; multiple performances will not raise the percentage of the bonus, but they will extend it until a full week has passed since the last of such encounters.

This bonus can be adjusted for a number of reasons, having to do with the bard's proficiency at performance, further affected by the scale of the performance and the number of performers involved. Large productions featuring high quality performers, supported by multiple artistic forms (such as dance, costume-making, staging and music supporting actors upon a stage) will create higher experience bonuses.

See Creativity, Sukha

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