Saturday, April 14, 2018

Eden (outer plane)

More precisely the Garden of Eden, also the Garden of Delight, often mistaken for Paradise. Eden is a separate plane that serves as the conduit between the top of the mountain of Purgatory [placeholder] and Paradise's First Sphere of the Moon. Eden is also joined with the Earth at several places of notable beauty, notably the Garden of Gethsemane, the Vienna Wood (or Wienerwald), Baofeng Lake and Olduvai Gorge, which was once a garden spot and is no longer.

Eden is generally accepted as the birthplace of Adam and Eve, who are believed to be the children of God and the progenitors of the chosen people (separate from other humans, who are variously seen as the children of Lilith or merely born of other cultures and origins). Much of the explanatory detail of how Adam and Eve emerged from Eden, and where, is conflicting and confusing to peoples of the Prime Material Plane. Many believe the story to be thoroughly mythological.

The "Tree of Knowledge" that is said to grow within Eden is surely a branch of the One Tree of Life, Crann Bethadh.

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