Thursday, April 26, 2018

Wish (spell)

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Original Player Handbook Description:A 9th level mage spell, enabling the caster to wish for something. The spell is intended as an augmentation to the limited wish spell, allowing players to, once again, restore hit points, resurrect a dead creature, escape from a situation and ~ though it is implied but not stated ~ somehow affect reality. The spell includes a punishment of 2-8 days of bed rest and -3 strength for using (does a mage care about strength?) and a strong rejoiner about the DM's discretion. Somehow, the wish spell shouldn't be used to wish some other creature dead, though this is completely possible using the 6th level death spell, which does not provide a saving throw for the intended victims. It is also stated that there could be consequences by way of the DM interpreting the words of the spell, so that "the exact terminology of the wish spell is likely to be carried through."

This seems a shoddy, reprehensible means of trying to curtail the player's use of a high level spell, which cannot be obtained at all except after a tremendous gain in experience. Clearly, the game designer, having conceived of the spell, is immediately terrified of what the spell can do and thus seeks to punish the player by demands of protocol and weakness for daring to use (or pick) the spell, attempting to curb the proliferation of the spell through fear rather than a reasonable limitation.

See Mage 9th Level Spells

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