Saturday, April 14, 2018

Pandemonium (outer plane)

To the Christian mind, this is the "Home of All Demons," to which every non-Christian deity was consigned because the Church claimed all gods and goddesses of heathen pagans were devils. During Rome's long decline, almost the last thinking believers in the old gods were their Christian enemies.

In truth, the plane of Pandemonium exists as a high plateau, looking down upon Hell [placeholder] and the Lower Planes [placeholder]. It is occupied only by gods and divine beings, most notably the High Lord Satan and his peers, who dwell in a palace from which he can see all that occurs in the Lower Planes. From Pandemonium, the plane of Olympus [placeholder] is visible above and in the distance, appearing as an enormous mountain. Pandemonium functions as a meeting place and an enormous market, with access to all the outer planes, where the gods come to parley, debate, purchase souls and seek comfort among peers. For this reason, pandemonium has come to mean a place of uproar, a wild, lawless confusion.

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