Saturday, April 14, 2018

Tartarus (outer plane)

One of the Lower Planes of Existence [placeholder].

  • Egyptians proposed the regenerative cauldron called the Lake of Fire. The lake is explicitly related to Tartarus. The underworld contains many rivers and lakes that are viewed as perpetually burning, some which are used to immerse, yet the Lake of Fire is the final purgation of sins. The original myth envisioned the Egyptian God Ra being swallowed by a serpent at the end of every day, causing night; come morning, Ra would pass through the Lake of Fire (dawn) and be reborn as the sun. In the structure of the Lower Planes, the dead who are expunged of malevolence in Hell are led from hell into the Abyss, and thence down into Tartarus, where they are eventually plunged into the Lake of Fire where they are able to come out clean and able to return to Earth (reincarnated).

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