Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Warm Weather (climate)

Temperature grade describing the point where the body begins to sweat from moderate exertion. The air next to the body gains a distinct impression of being warm without being uncomfortable.


Suitable clothing asks for some reduction in basic wear. Tight fitting clothes such as breeches or stockings will seem confined and uncomfortable when walking throughout the day, even dank after heavy work. A vest will feel heavy overtop a shirt. Sandles will be more comfortable than boots or shoes. Wool in general will be a disagreeable cloth; cotton clothes will wear better.


Participants engaging in combat will, after four rounds of combat, drop 1 point in all ability stats [placeholder]. After eight additional rounds, combatants will begin to experience the effects of balmy [placeholder] weather.

Water Intake

Living in warm conditions requires a daily intake of 6½ pints per person.

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