Tuesday, April 17, 2018


Certain elements of knowledge and technology deviate from Earth's traditional history in the world that I run. That world is meant to take place in the year 1650 (though the passage of time has caused some campaigns have reached 1653).

This page includes a list of instances where circumstances that should exist do not, or where circumstances that should not exist do.
  • Chemistry. Theoretical chemistry has it's time scale extended to 1800. For game purposes (and through the influence of magic), it is presumed that knowledge of chemistry (called alchemy) extends 150 years beyond the actual Earth year of the game. Despite this knowledge, however, the vast population continues to be very superstitious, while alchemists with this knowledge are quite lazy in its employment. Additionally, there is a substantial influence from high level druids who wish to maintain the planet's status quo that keeps theoretical chemistry from being applied to mechanical or chemical engineering products (a form of advanced, targeted ludditism).
  • Firearms & Cannon. Marginally exist. Technically, it is ruled that the technology for the manufacture of these things allows for their potential creation. Gunpowder can be made, cannons or gun barrels can be forged, the weapons would fire normally upon manufacture. It is judged, however, that the necessity of keeping gunpowder dumps to maintain the effectiveness of these instruments in war are amazingly vulnerable to the employment of magic that all attempts to employ such weapons in large numbers has failed. There are simply too many minor spells or cantrips that could be used by a low level mage - willing to sacrifice their life if need be - to explode gunpowder . . . and many other items or methods-of-delivery that could be carried by others into a camp to easily destroy a very expensive cannon or collection of pistols and flintlocks. Thus firearms & cannon are considered impractical.

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