Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Pleasant Weather (climate)

Temperature grade describing a comfortable living temperature for most temperate-dwelling creatures; also called 'room temperature.' It is the temperature at which the air feels neither hot nor cold.


Suitable clothing includes basic wear. Outdoors, this consists of breeches or stockings, a shirt, a vest or light cloak (cowl off, loosely tied or left open) along with low boots or shoes. Indoors, breeches may be replaced with knickers or pantaloons; the vest may be left off.

Note that middle-aged persons will feel a need to wear a cap or pullover. Old or venerable persons will treat the effects of pleasant weather as cool [placeholder].


Participants engaging in combat will begin to experience the effects of warm weather after eight steady rounds.

Water Intake

To retain their comfort level, all creatures must drink 0.16 fl. oz. per pound of weight (4.7 ml).

See Temperature Grades

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