Thursday, April 12, 2018

Bands (social group)

Bands are groups of nomadic humanoid wanderers who tend to exist by scavenging, theft, trade or killing, often acting as outlaws and raiders. They typically number 5-30 members, about three quarters of whom are males. Females will fight as formidably as males. There are rarely any children in bands - at most, there will be one child, always belonging to the band leader and his female. Female band leaders who might give birth to a child will not keep it.

Bands are encountered along rivers and trails, preferring established routes. Very rarely, bands are still considered members of a tribe in the region of their birth. More often they are outcasts. They are sometimes employed as adventurers or skirmishers. Very few will be seeking a place to settle.

Bands will often use animals for travel, particularly in desert regions. They will have a single dog with them only 1 chance in 6. They prefer short bows and spears in combat.

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