Thursday, April 12, 2018

Blue Mass (remedy)

A curious recipe, distinctly toxic, composed of mercury, honey, cornstarch and licorice, which has the potential to shock the consciousness of a creature that has fallen prey to madness, possession or charm. To be effective, 3 oz. of the recipe must be consumed.

If consumed by a creature that is not suffering from either of the maladies, the blue mass will react as an ailment-degree poison, causing 1 hit die damage per level (+1). However, if consumed at the proper time, the blue mass will cause no damage at all and will - if a save against magic succeeds - produce a complete cure.

Attempting to apply the blue mass treatment more than one time a month, however, will double the amount of potential damage on each subsequent attempt (a saving throw would cause 2 damage per level the second time from a failed save, 4 damage per level the third time and so on).

As most who have succumbed to madness, possession or charm will be resistant against taking a cure (as they are being controlled by other than their willing consciousness), the blue mass must first be waved under the olfactory organs of the creature to create a desire for its consumption. In such cases, blue mass is highly compulsive: if the creature can be encouraged to smell the blue mass, the creature will wantto consume it.

See Equipment Notes

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