Thursday, April 12, 2018

Faerie Oil (remedy)

Made of camphor oil, tea, essence of attar of roses and powdered mithril (puddled, not wrought), which is then carefully cooked and distilled in a manner similar to drawing aromatic oils from incense.

The substance acts as a powerful addictive with regards to faerie creatures, who can detect the odor of faerie oil up to a distance of two hundred yards. The positive effect of the odor is so strong for faeries that they will be helpless to stop themselves from investigating the source (though they will be careful and take precautions). In most cases, faeries will be prepared to barter much for a single ounce of faerie oil - for a sense of how much, treat the substance as being worth ten times as much to a faerie as it costs a human or demi-human to make it.

Moreover, faerie oil will have a powerful hallucinogenic effect on faeries, making them extremely happy and non-aggressive. The oil will enhance their abilities with regards to charm, sleep, ESP and detection abilities by 50% with regards to range, chance of success, duration and area of effect, while applying a -4 modifier to enemy saving throws.

Apart from its relationship to faeries, the oil is also a key ingredient in golem manufacture and in the effectiveness of magical or mechanical tools. The mechanical hand that can be purchased as a substitute for a lost hand will require 1 ounce of faerie oil per month to operate. If applied to a crossbow, faerie oil will increase the chance of the first shot fired by +3 to hit.

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