Thursday, April 12, 2018

Drovers (social group)

Drovers are a form of clan that specialize in raising animals and moving them from place to place by transhumance, the seasonal movement of herds between fixed summer and winter pastures. With knowledge of animal husbandry, the main diet of the drover is meat and dairy products, supported by hunting and gathering to round out the nutritional health of their diet.

Drover clans tend to number from 30-60 members. The caloric content of their diet allows a fair number of children, so that these will number between 20-25% of the clan.

Drovers are dependent upon the best meadows and migration routes. They won't be found in the more obscure back-country of a given region.

Drovers will always have 2-4 dogs accompanying them. They do not use mounts. They prefer clubs, slings and javelins as weapons.

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