Thursday, April 12, 2018

Betel Nut (remedy)

When carefully powdered by an apothecary, powdered betel nut has the potential to kill natural parasites that have entered a character's body, including spores, rot grub, throat leeches and so on. The powder is typically sold as two doses, both of which must be taken in order to enable the body to rid itself of the parasite. A dose can be created in a period of a round once the betal nut powder and the liquid in which it will be drunk are in hand (it would then be consumed the following round).

The first dose renders the creature harmless for the space of a day; the second dose kills the creature.

The betal nut powder (approximately 2.25 oz. per dose) is poured into a liquid, stirred and then quickly consumed before the powder has time to settle. The effects of the first dose are very painful; the afflicted creature will then go into a state of shock that will render them incapable of any action for at least an hour. Thereafter, the creature will be extremely weak (strength considered equal to 3) for approximately 12 hours. This weakness can be improved by other means (spells or herbs), but if this is done the afflicted creature must make a saving throw against magic or fall back into a severe shock that will last 1-4 hours and cause 4-40 damage to the creature.

The second dose is much less damaging. However, the afflicted creature's strength will be reduced by 6 points to a minimum of 3, which can be safely improved with spells or herbs. The afflicted creature will also suffer from diarrhea and vomiting that will require a day of complete rest. After this period, however, the afflicted creature will recover completely.

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