Friday, April 6, 2018

Sukha (philosophy)

The experience that can be gained from viewing an original work of art (see Art vs. Product), as the viewer is affected by the power, effort and purpose of the creation that has been brought into existence. The benefits of Sukha can be obtained only once per original artwork, as presented by the creator of the artwork. The presentation of an artwork by a bard who is not the creator is discussed under Upeksa.

Before Sukha can be had, the bard must create a piece of original art (see Make Art). Once the artwork has been made, the amount of experience that is gained depends upon the amount of experience the bard possesses, affected by the creativity that has been put into the making of the art. The minimum sukha that can be gained will be 1% of the bard's total experience at the time that the art is completed ~ this total is then transferred to all who see the artwork, adjusted for the number of levels the viewer is below the creator.

For example, if the bard were 5th level and possessed 20,000 experience, the minimum Sukha resulting from a completed work of art would be 200 x.p. However, this total would be available only for those of 5th level or higher. For those of less than 5th level, the Sukha would be reduced by 50%, per level below that of the bard. A 4th level would receive 100 x.p. upon viewing the art, a 3rd level would receive 50 x.p. and so on. This reflects the capacity of less sophisticated persons to comprehend the art that the bard creates.

See Creativity

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